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What we offer:

Physiotherapy/ Manual Therapy

High quality physiotherapy and manual therapy means that we take into account all information about your current and previous problems and through a process called clinical reasoning, we are able to formulate a plan of action which is tailored specifically for you!


Treatment always includes explanation of your problem, possible solutions to help changing it and how you can become the driver of that change! Research suggests the better you understand your problem and what drives it, the more you are motivated to change it.







When there is something wrong with your movement, that more likely manifests as pain. Pain not only causes tightness in the affected area, but the whole body needs to compensate at different levels to allow you to move as best as you can.


You are not a mere "painful body part" but a whole system that calculates and adjusts everything at any given time! Your brain becomes vigilant and wants to protect you at all costs so it will inhibit any movement that puts you in danger. Depending on the context of your injury, your previous experiences, your emotional status at the time of your injury and many other factors.... you might have symptoms of short duration or more prolonged ones.






ability to change




  injury type ?

previous experience ?

emotions during injury ? 

context ?

other problems

present ? ...

It's true, things can be complicated but we can give you the tools to make sense of it!


  • Just by understanding your problem your tissues relax! You do not have to do anything, it just happens on its own! We can facilitate tissue relaxation further by using soft tissue work, like joint mobilisations, myofascial release and massage. When the tissues are relaxed they can perform better so this is where exercise is helpful; to re-train the muscles to work in a more optimal pattern, making the movement easier.


  • Easier movement tends to translate as less painful movement so already your brain is informed that something has changed! This is called de-sensitization (that's our initial aim!) and it's very important to reach in order to move on to the next stage.


  • The next aim is to develop strength and stamina and to improve motor control which means you can do things that you could not do before, better and for longer. This happens by following a home or gym exercise program that is tailored to your particular, functional, day to day needs.

We will give you a lot of advice to reach your goals!

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