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What we offer:

Myofascial Release/ Massage

Myo-Fascial release refers to specific techniques that address restrictions of the fascia or the connective tissue of the body. Fascia envelopes everything that lives inside our bodies; our bones, our muscles, our tendons, our nerves and our organs and restrictions in the fascia i.e. scarring, can have effects on the mobility of everything that it contains. Because of fascia continuity, an area of limited movement may affect not only neighbouring tissues, but also tissues further away from the original injured area.


Techniques for the fascia tend to be very slow, can last for a few minutes and they performed parallel to the tissue that is treated. Very often, relaxation of the fascia can have a wow! effect as it can free up muscle movement very quickly which can translate as pain-free movement.


If you would like to see how the fascia appears, moves and re-organizes its self inside the living body, please click here.

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