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PHYSIOrhythm Physiotherapy Home Visits

What people have to say:



"Efter was the most incredible physiotherapist, she not only gave me an excellent outline of my injury and the various recovery techniques I should use to stimulate rapid recovery but also made being injured seem not too bad. After severely straining ligaments in my ankle playing rugby Efter treated me during a three month period. I am now back and it is as if nothing had happened. I thoroughly recommend Efter if you are a professional sportsman looking to return to your sport as soon as possible". Seb 17, Student & Sportsman (Lateral Ankle Sprain).

"I have had a really positive experience. Efter is a truly skillful and holistic physiotherapist. She is incredibly knowledgeable and aims to treat at a macro and micro level. Her manner is friendly, easy going while also being very professional and I can highly recommend her".  Dara 46, Head of Communications at Architects Practice (Low Back & Neck Pain).

"Efter has treated me successfully in the past on a number of occasions. I had physiotherapy for hip pain, achilles tendon and ankle pain. Recently I've had acupuncture for hip pain which really helped and I can highly recommend Efter".  Rita 74, Retired (Hip Pain following Total Hip Replacement, Ankle Osteoarthritis).

"On having a bad shoulder that had also affected my sleep I sought out a physiotherapist, Physiorhythm were able to fit around my work patterns. I found Efterpi Rompoti had an easy going and engaging manner, she was always willing to impart her knowledge. Efter has a deep knowledge in the subject and this was obvious on her techniques discussed and employed. She always seemed to know what my body was doing, how one part linked to another and was causing problems. After a few sessions I found improvements to my movement and pains; my problems disappeared soon after. It was important to follow up with the post session exercises, all given to me in a simple format. I would recommend anyone with muscular aches, or pains, to try Efter at Physiorhythm". Gary 51, Regional Manager/ Commercial Property (Shoulder & Neck Pain)

“Efter looked after me a few months ago when I had severe shoulder and neck pain. She was very thorough in her initial assessment and explained her plan treatment in detail. Her sympathetic attitude and mannerism are excellent. She also advised on follow up exercises.   I am totally pain free now and I can recommend her without any hesitation. She is also an expert in Acupuncture and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.” Joy 64, GP & Gardener (Neck and Shoulder Pain).

“Efterpi’s expertise with the ability to explain in simple terms the cause and effect of the exercises she proposes for your treatment makes her a brilliant physiotherapist. Highly recommended.” Carol 79, Retired NHS Administrator (Total Hip Replacement).

“I have had individual therapy with Efter over the past few months for my shoulder and back problems. Her approach to diagnosis and management was exceptionally thorough and professional. I am happy to be totally pain free and no limitation of movements. I have no hesitation to recommend her for any problem.” Selva 69, Paediatrician & Gardener (Shoulder and Low Back Pain).

"I had 4 physiotherapy treatment sessions with Efter Rompoti in March 2013 for right knee pain. I was training for the London Marathon at the time when the pain started. Efter gave me a speedy and accurate diagnosis and I was started on an exercise programme straight away. The benefits of her treatment reduced my knee pain v quickly, so that I could return to running quickly, which I was keen to do. In addition to exercises, Efter tried various taping/ strapping techniques and core stability strengthening exercises. 

Without Efter I wouldn't have been able to run the Marathon; her expertise was invaluable. Efter has a great rapport and puts people at their ease. I would thoroughly recommended her, especially as I am a physiotherapist myself". Nicky 44, Physiotherapist & Runner (ITB dysfunction-Knee Pain).

"Following an injury at the gym doing an exercise I knew was foolish I consulted with a Doctor, an Osteopath and an Acupuncturist over a period of about 6 months, nothing helped. Eventually my Doctor recommended I see a Physio. Efterpi spent the first appointment assessing my knee and left me with some gently increasingly strong strengthening exercises which I did religiously. Within a few weeks we'd progressed onto doing balancing exercises and small lunges which I was very skeptical about as in the past lunges had always upset my knees, but to my surprise my knee began to improve rapidly as I moved gradually onto full lunges. I'm now back to full impact exercise classes again and I always incorporate lunges to ensure my knees stay strong. Efterpi is professional, approachable and experienced and I'm more than happy to recommend her". Theresa 55, Administrator & Gym Enthusiast (Patello-Femoral Dysfunction/ Knee Pain).

"Previous private physiotherapy wasn’t really effective and hadn’t connected my various aches and pains. I felt Lisa immediately understood what my problem was and proposed solutions. The sessions were great and I always felt better afterwards. As I had let the problem get worse over several years the benefits were gradual but the stretches and mobilisations relieved pain immensely. Lisa was good at explaining why she was suggesting various exercises and why I was in pain. As I was in my home I felt relaxed. I stopped the treatment because I felt 80% better and knew it was up to me to work at the stretches". Sara 48, University Lecturer & Runner (Hip Joint Pain/ Early Osteoarthritis).

Excellent initial assessment –I felt benefits immediately. Compared with previous private physio I had received, I felt more explanations were given. Lisa also had the aim to discharge me when the time was right and I was better, in stark contrast to other physios who encouraged continuing appointments indefinitely ….The fact she came to the house was a real bonus. I am now 90% better and have my set of exercises to prevent/ minimise recurrence of pain". Jessica, Barrister & Runner (Anterior Knee Pain & ITB Syndrome).

"NHS Physiotherapy treatment I received prior to seeing Lisa had been ineffective –no ‘hands on therapy' just exercise sheets. The initial assessment with Lisa was excellent and I felt totally supported from the first time we met. I felt the benefits of the treatment right from the first session as I felt I could talk to Lisa about how I was coping mentally as well as physically. I had seen an Osteopath before but having someone come to my home was much better for me at this point and excellent value for money. Without hesitation I would recommend her to friends and family. Over New Year we came to a natural break in treatment and I then felt Lisa had done as much as she could for me and I now needed to do things for myself. There is nothing I would change. Lisa was very positive throughout the sessions and pushed me gently to do more exercises for myself. She concentrated on me as a whole and not just the injury which was what I needed at the time".  Rosemary 58, Nurse (Low Back Pain/ Knee Pain).


"When I first had an assessment I had to shade in the complete body chart as I had so many aches and pains. The benefits of treatment I felt immediately. Exercises have helped a lot to strengthen the relevant muscle groups and now I know how to stretch properly". George 17, Student & Footballer (Sever's Disease, Growing Pains, Low Back Pain).



"Previous Physiotherapy I have received has been effective but the longer time between NHS treatments as well as the length of time to be referred means recovery is slower. Private Physiotherapy can be started earlier and you can be seen as frequently as is necessary for a speedy recovery. The practitioner also has longer to spend with you and is generally more interested in your recovery. Lisa's explanations were excellent. She gave a very thorough explanation of the likely causes of my pain, the course that treatment would take and how I was likely to progress. The treatments were very relaxed, informative and friendly. I was completely at ease throughout the process. I felt the benefits of treatment immediately. Overall this was my best physiotherapy experience. Lisa explained how maintaining strength around the pelvis would stop the symphysis pubis dysfunction and consequently I was able to walk and drive throughout my pregnancy which was amazingly liberating. I was discharged 80% better and am currently 95% better from continuing Pilates and the advice Lisa gave me. I knew I could get in touch with her if I needed help with anything. The prices were very reasonable for the time she spent and the fact I was able to have sessions at home". Debbie 38, Cake Designer (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction).



"I had never received Physiotherapy before seeing Lisa. Private physio was easier and faster for me to be seen. Explanations were excellent with good sports empathy. Communication was good compared to other physio experiences I have heard people have, especially as Lisa had sports experience. I did take 3weeks to feel the benefits of treatment and things gradually improved but I had had symptoms for a long time. I would recommend Lisa to friends and family. Overall the treatment was excellent and we mutually agreed I should be discharged to continue things alone". Vernon 60, Retired & Triathlete Ironman (Low Back Pain).

"Lisa undertook an excellent thorough assessment and examination when I tore my rotator cuff tendon. She listened well and offered reassurance. I was given homework/e xercise assignments which had gradual weekly benefits. Overall treatment was excellent and I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. The charges were reasonable and when improvement had plateaued (75% better), I was happy to stop treatment to continue my exercises alone. I am now able to swim breast stroke and back stroke and 99% better overall".  Fran 50, Designer & Runner (Rotator Cuff Tear/ Shoulder Pain).

"Lisa's treatment, mobilisations and massage for cramp and tight muscles always gave immediate pain relief. A referral to a good Podiatrist has also been really helpful. Ongoing monitoring during growth spurts also essential". Max 15, Student & Footballer (Sever's Disease).

"I had received NHS physio in the past but the duration and convenience of home meant I arranged to see Lisa. Lisa has a reassuring style of assessment and I felt the benefits of treatment immediately both physically and psychologically. Charges were reasonable due to her travel time. Overall treatment was excellent and I really enjoyed it and felt the benefits. I have already recommended her to a friend".  Jacquie 47, Social Worker & Runner (Adhesive Capsulitis/ Frozen Shoulder).

"NHS treatment was effective as far as it went but there is a difference with private physiotherapy and within days improvement became obvious. From the initial assessment there were good explanations of my condition and treatment and I was made to feel very comfortable with Lisa. At this point treatment is ongoing and I feel it is very reasonable value for money. I would not have the movement that I have without Lisa. I am very happy to receive my treatment to keep that movement". Barbara 78, Retired (Rotator Cuff tear).

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