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PHYSIOrhythm Physiotherapy Home Visits

What we offer:

Online consultations @ PHYSIOrhythm

We are now offering online consultations via Skype or FaceTime.

Meeting with you online allows us to do pretty much everything

that we were able to do before, except of course the hands-on  objective assessment part!

So we are still able to:

  • take a full history

  • assess your Range of Movement

  • assess your functional tasks (i.e. walking, steps, lunges)

  • find out which are the stressors that contribute to your problem

  • assess your work-station

And then:

  • show you exercises/ stretches/ movements that are relevant to you!

  • show you self-massage and self-relaxation techniques!

  • advise you on acute or chronic management of your problem

You will receive an email after the appointment with everything you need to be following (exercises, advice, taping techniques etc.)

Fees: Initial consultation for 50' @ £50

          Follow up for 30' @ £30



Cancellation Policy

We do operate a cancellation policy if not enough notice* is given:

Within 24hrs: appointments are fully charged.

Within 48hrs: appointments will be half charged.

* exceptions include medical/ health reasons only

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