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PHYSIOrhythm Physiotherapy Home Visits

What we offer:

Post-Natal Rehabilitation

From personal experience we know how hard it is to rehabilitate after the challenge of pregnancy and delivery! Many mothers don’t receive the advice and rehabilitation they need after having a baby. The concept and practice of pelvic floor strengthening and correct posture after ligament laxity and strain is imperative.


As soon as the baby is born, mothers are subject to postures and loading through feeding the baby, nappy changing, lifting the baby into car seats and all of this is before healing has taken place. Even functional daily life chores mean knowledge is essential to preventing spinal pain and strains occurring.


Post-Natal rehab is about retraining stability and abdominal control and having that knowledge is key. If the lower abdominals are not strengthened adequately, the abdomen will dome/ fan on exertion and muscles imbalances develop through the core which in turn will lead to back strain.


We can also check your Rectus Diastasis has healed which occurs when the tummy is stretched during the pregnancy (division of Rectus Abdominis).   After 6-12 weeks of soft tissue healing, it is then important to consider pacing back when returning to pre pregnancy activities. We offer advice as to when you have adequate strength and control to do this i.e. when it is safe to run again, based on our assessment.



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