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PHYSIOrhythm Physiotherapy Home Visits

What we offer:

Sports Injuries Prevention

Getting advice early on after an injury is essential for an accurate diagnosis. It also offers reassurance as to what you should be doing or avoiding.

Even during your acute inflammatory phase of healing (7-10days), Rehabilitation is important to prevent further injury and enhance recovery by identifying aggravating and easing factors.


Healing is stimulated through safe movement patterns and prevents stiffness and strengthens muscle groups. This will enable you to return to activities/ sports safely and more quickly with reduced risk of re-injury.


As part of your initial assessment we will find out about your work/ life balance including work postures, hobbies and goals regarding fitness. We will assess your flexibility, core, strength and posture and through doing this give you a home programme to follow of stretches and exercises to help speed up your recovery.


Rehabilitation will take you to the point where you feel 100% ready to return to sport/ activity with peace of mind you are strong and fully recovered.



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