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What we offer:

Adolescent Growing Pains

This is classically labelled as any pain adolescents are going through from the age of 9-19 years. The labelling of growing pains linked with growth spurts can mean children/ teenagers are expected to live with the aches and pains. Pain can be constant and affect concentration/ learning and sleep. Soft tissues grow at a much slower rate than bones (up to 2 years) so most teenagers will get a degree of pain when they get a growth spurt.


In addition to this, often children that compete in sports or training of any kind do not routinely stretch, so muscles tend to get tighter and tighter as strength improves. Compliance with stretching programmes can also affect outcomes so seeing a physiotherapist and being accountable when attending appointments is important.


Preventing future weaknesses and recurrent injuries is imperative!


As children grow, it is so important to pick up asymmetries, spinal curvatures (scoliosis), leg length discrepancies, flat feet and joint pains.


With our busy lives and the increased use of technology into childrens lifestyles, they often spend more time in a sedentary posture so it is even more important to address posture issues and muscle imbalances.


A physiotherapy programme of stretching and strengthening and posture advice with taping, if appropriate, will address these issues.



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